FHI’s roundtable panel identified four key areas of focus integral to patient care quality, satisfaction, efficacy and efficiency: Quality Access, Telemedicine/Telehealth, Cost, Patient-centered care, and Mental Health.

Stay tuned for White Papers on each issue.


Our Mission

The Frances Hamburger Institute for Community Rheumatology is dedicated to carrying out initiatives that provide insights and raise awareness about improvements needed in payment and formulary policies, outcomes research, and treatment for individuals diagnosed with rheumatologic disorders.

The Institute will fund patient-focused scientific, clinical, and health economic research related to rheumatic disease and the development of public awareness and physician education to improve access to the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment of patients with rheumatologic disorders.

Fran had a keen understanding of the independent rheumatology practice and sought passionately to ensure its sustainable future. The work of the Institute will ensure that her health care insights and commitment to rheumatology will continue for physicians and our patients.Dr. Michael Schweitz, M.D.