Deborah E Hammond, MD:

Deborah E Hammond, MD is a physician executive at Healthfirst managing the access to and provision of health care for 1.5 million members living in the greater New York City area.  The members are enrolled in many different health insurance programs from Medicaid to Medicare to Long Term Care to Commercial with access to over 28,000 unique providers representing doctors, other professionals, hospitals, pharmacies and many other community based health care organizations.  An internist by training (graduate of Emory University and the University of Oklahoma) Dr. Hammond has worked across the USA in managed care since 1986 making sure members have access to care thru solid networks of providers, benefits aligned with health care needs, coordination of care and quality of care programs focused on both broad population needs as well as the unique needs of smaller populations including people with autoimmune disorders.

An emerging focus of Healthfirst is pharmaceuticals in the area of specialty drugs.  Dr. Hammond works closely our pharmacy leadership and our PBM to support the provision and utilization management of drugs that are bending the curve of disease burden with many patients with autoimmune disorders.  Dr. Hammond notes it is an exciting time to be in healthcare with so many new ‘tools’  available to support the work of specialists representing the needs of our members.  

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