Dr. Liana Fraenkel, MD:

After a 20-year career at Yale University, Dr. Fraenkel is now Director, Patient Centered Population Health Research, Berkshire Health Systems and remains Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Fraenkel’s research program has focused on improving our understanding both physician and patient decision-making and on developing methods to improve the quality of decision making for patients faced with complex decisions involving multiple options. She has conducted numerous studies incorporating qualitative and quantitative methodologies that evaluate patient attitudes towards drug toxicity, physician and patient treatment preferences, and the contextual influences on risk perceptions. She has also developed several novel methods of communicating risk information and engaging patients in shared decision making with decision support tools. She is now focused on building a population health research program to address some of the most pressing health problems in the region. Dr. Fraenkel was funded by a K24 Mentoring award and has mentored trainees across a broad range of patient-oriented research projects. In 2009, Dr. Fraenkel received the Henry Kunkel Young Investigator Award from the ACR.

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