Initial support to establish the Frances M. Hamburger Ph.D. Institute for Community Rheumatology comes from the generous contributions of the following:

Founders Board

Max I Hamburger
Muriel Miller Kuznesof
Annette and David Marom
Howard Miller
Jordan E. Hamburger
Micole and John Doyle
Erin and Brian Hamburger
Zach and Brittany Chodorow
Justin Forman and Jillian Marom
Lester and Amy Friedlander
Shay and Orit Moskovich
Nick and Bonnie LaMicela

Founders Circle ($2,500+)

Max Hamburger
David and Annette Marom
Amy and Lester Friedlander
United Rheumatology
Matt and Amy Epstein
David and Courtney Corleto
Brian and Mira Lee
Alan and Gail Epstein
Alan Morton and Mary Wilton
John and Harriet Flowers
Ken and Marcia Schack
Mike and Joan Schweitz
Lawrence and Fran Nagin
Brian Smith and Adrienne Hollander
Andy Laster
Charles and Janet Birbara
Herbert and Cheryl Baraf
Dale Halter
Dave Dickson
Steve and Eileen Wishnia
Grace Wright
Jun Zhang and Hong Xu
Howard and Robyn Blumstein
Jeff Lawson
Joseph Hurt Stutter
Jon and Jennifer Glaudemans
Larry Edwards
Dennis and Lynette Byrnes
Manuela Marinescu
Mark and Beth Pearson
Greg Schimizzi
Myriad Genetics

Founding Supporters

Norman Antin
William J. Arnold
Erin Arnold
Alan and Ann Brown
Duncan Rolph and Eileen Chin
Rose and William Cohn
Evan K. Doyle
Hannah M. Doyle
Jaye A. Doyle
Charles Pritchard and Elana Eisner
Mattie Feldman
Nancy Fiskin
Gary and Nancy Freedman
Jim Gambale
Allan Gibofsky
Randy and Allison Gingold
Alexa M. Hamburger
Bradley A. Hamburger
Eva W. Hamburger
Leo F. Hamburger
Jeffrey Haas
Suneya Hogarty
Nancy and Stuart Rabinowitz
Ellen Field and Gus Rubbo
Gary and Lisa Schultz
Evan Siegel
Arlene and Richard Sirlin
Doug and Corinne Tardio

United Rheumatology matched the first $2,500 of each contribution.

I am grateful that so many colleagues, friends, and family members have stepped forward to honor Fran’s work and legacy in supporting patients with rheumatologic diseases. She would be proud that the Institute was launched with such strong mission and direction.Dr. Max Hamburger